About us

Company Vision: To Lead the Upward Surge of Construction in Israel

Israel is facing a dynamic future. Throughout the country we are witnessing growing momentum and major investments in construction and infrastructure. Significant projects are emerging in the field of infrastructure including the Israel transportation plan, light rail transit in Tel Aviv, and water and gas utility development projects. Such projects substantially reflect the increasing scope of complex development works already in progress and also those in future planning stages.

Spurred by the above momentum, Danya Cebus, a leading company in the field of residential and infrastructure construction in Israel has chosen to harness its professional know-how and experience also to establish Geo Danya, its subsidiary company specialized in foundation engineering, retaining wall works and advanced geotechnical technology.

Geo Danya is destined to take a leadership position in emerging construction developments, to improve existing infrastructure and to contribute to raising the standard of living in Israel.

Superior Equipment and Skilled Manpower to Execute Complex Projects

One of the key factors in achieving Geo Danya’s proven capability to deliver professional solutions serving large and complex infrastructure projects is the strategic partnership established between Geo Danya and the one of the most important foundation construction Group in Europe.

GeoDanya’s skilled manpower and geotechnical works experience is coming from a leading international company that has been operating since 1959 in the field, having been responsible for many significant projects world-wide and is one of the few international companies able to provide comprehensive solutions to any kind of geotechnical challenge.

The implementation of Geo Danya’s projects requires highly skilled professional manpower and for this purpose the company invests major resources in the training of its personnel. The company’s professional team is geared to effectively meet the challenges of demanding site conditions and to operate advanced and sophisticated equipment.

In addition, Geo Danya also mobilizes the accumulated professional and management experience of its parent company, through its massive investments in the purchase of the most advanced equipment available world-wide and the engagement of high calibre professional manpower.

Geo Danya’s professional geotechnical team applies its know-how and resources to meet the client’s specific needs and to effectively resolve the challenges presented in every individual project.